Nov 132012

The inaugurational address of Prof. Pieternel Levelt is available in Collegerama (in Dutch). Prof. Levelt speaks about satellite instruments used for the world-wide mapping of the ozone layer, air pollutants and greenhouse gases, and the insight that such measurements can provide into the complex relationships between air quality and climate.

Oct 052012

Already more than one month, our meteorological radar TARA is placed in Southern France to support the measurement of the Mediterrainean hydrological cycle in the frame of the HYMEX campaign (HYdrological cycle in the Mediterranean EXperiment).

TARA radar close to Montpellier (France)

We already collected quite some data of clouds and precipitation (quicklooks of the data collected are available here).
Today we are happy to add also a radar measurement of fog. This is quite a rare occasion, because the radiation fog that we have in Cabauw (Netherlands) is usually a much thinner layer, and too close to TARA to be measured. Instead the advection fog we are currently observing in France reaches up to heights of about 500m.

Aug 012012

At the Cabauw Experimental Site for Atmospheric Research several active remote sensing instruments such as radar, lidar or sodar are placed. They monitor continuously particles in clouds and precipitation but also particles such as vulcanic ash, sea-salt or pollen.

The basis for these atmospheric measurements by radar, lidar or sodar is the active remote sensing equation. You can download here a presentation that introduces this fundamental equation which provides an analytical expression for the mean power received by an active remote sensing instrument.

Slide from the presentation with lidar/radar measurement examples
Jun 222012

ATMOS group members will be at Toulouse next week for the 7th European Conference on Radar in Meteorology and Hydrology (ERAD2012). Beside a presentation, the following two posters will be presented:

ERAD Poster on the TARA upgrade     Poster on rainfall rate retrieval with IDRA
We hope to meet you in Toulouse!
Update: Download now the extended abstract on rainfall rate retrieval with polarimetric X-band weather radar.
May 142012

Sinds april 2012 zijn ruim 2.000 datasets van 3TU.Datacentrum ook via NARCIS beschikbaar.

Link to IDRA data @NARCIS

NARCIS biedt toegang tot wetenschappelijke informatie waaronder
(open access) publicaties afkomstig uit de repositories van alle
Nederlandse universiteiten, KNAW, NWO en een aantal wetenschappelijke
instellingen, datasets van DANS en 3TU.Datacentrum alsmede
beschrijvingen van onderzoeksprojecten, onderzoekers en

Zo zijn de datasets van 3TU.Datacentrum (daaronder ook onze IDRA radar data) nog beter vindbaar!

May 012012

The ATMOS group is now searching for Master students willing to participate to the International Measurement Campaign HyMex (heavy precipitation observation), in South of France. The education project is sponsored by the TUDELFT DRI environment. Main activities of the selected master students will combine fieldwork experience in South France during the campaign with post-processing experiences at TU DELFT. Some of the assignments involve the TARA radar used widely in our group.

Further information related to this education project can be found in the following weblog:

Deadline for subscription is end of May, 2012!

Apr 262012
We installed a new webcam at CESAR, the Cabauw Experimental Site for Atmospheric Research. The webcam is pointing towards the sky over the village of Cabauw (west-southwest, azimuth 243°). The camera will help to get a visual impression of what is measured by our profiling radar TARA.
New webcam located at CESAR
(click on the image to access the webcam images of today)