Yann Dufournet

Apr 022015

In a few weeks (in the 4th quarter), the third edition of the Atmospheric observation course (CIE4608) will start at the CEG faculty. The course is focusing on the observation of the different atmospheric components that are required for current weather and climate applications at different temporal and spatial scales and from different observation plateforms.

For TU Delft students it is now possible to enrol to the course. More information can be found on the study guide by clicking on this link. I will be leading the course, so feel free to contact me if any further question via the link above.

Find below the flyer for the course this year:

Flyer2015_CIE4608I’m looking forward to see you all soon,


Apr 042014

For the second year, staffs of our group (Christine Unal and Yann Dufournet) are going to give a course on atmospheric observation techniques. This course provides an overview of all up to date techniques which are currently used to observe and study the atmospheric components, from gas, aerosols to cloud systems. The course will be given in the 4th Quarter of this year, starting April 23rd. All Master students of TU Delft can enroll themselves via blackboard.


Oct 102012

students at TARA


Since October 1st, students from the hymex-TU Delft DRI envi initiative have starting learning how to operate the TARA radar in order to take measurements during precipitation events during the HyMEx campaign. They will stay on site for the next 1-2 weeks.

You can follow their activities on the hymex weblog.



May 012012

The ATMOS group is now searching for Master students willing to participate to the International Measurement Campaign HyMex (heavy precipitation observation), in South of France. The education project is sponsored by the TUDELFT DRI environment. Main activities of the selected master students will combine fieldwork experience in South France during the campaign with post-processing experiences at TU DELFT. Some of the assignments involve the TARA radar used widely in our group.

Further information related to this education project can be found in the following weblog:

Deadline for subscription is end of May, 2012!

Jul 212011

A new PhD position has been released yesterday within our group. This position opened in the frame of the ACTRIS (Aerosols, Clouds and Trace gases Research InfraStructure Network) project, aimed at integrating European ground-based stations equipped with advanced atmospheric probing for aerosols, clouds and short-lived gas-phase species (see www.actris.net for more information).

The new PhD shall work on the quantification of the indirect aerosol effects using ACTRIS facilities:

   – Full description : click here

   – Deadline: 9 september 2011!

Mar 172011

  Tobias Otto became Doctor magna cum laude yesterday afternoon in Chemnitz! Below is a picture of his defense surrounded by some of his comittee members:

and another one with the two new doctors of the group taken just after the defense:



Feb 152011
 Climate City Campus

The ATMOS group is involved in the TU Delft Environment Initiative named Climate City Campus.  Climate City Campus develops and supports multidisciplinary student projects that use the TU Delft campus as a living lab for climate technology in an urban environment.

For more information about this initiative, the relaunched website is now available at the following link

Nov 222010

  The title of this post is inspired by the inaugural speech of Prof. Herman Russchenberg which was given last april 1st, 2009 (In de Schaduw van een wolk). Behind this title arise the question of how clouds act on climate by impacting the Earth radiation balance. This question is nowdays still strongly debated among the scientific community.

The picture below well illustrates the possible opacity of a cloud against solar radiations.