Sep 132017

The 38th  AMS Conference on Radar Meteorology held in Chicago, USA, on 27th  August – 1st September 2017.  Marc Schleiss, Christine Unal and Jiapeng Yin presented this conference. Three oral presentations and two posters from TU Delft ATMOS group were shown during the conference.

Marc Schleiss made a presentation titled “Probabilistic Radar Nowcasting Based on Time Nuggets”. Christine Unal made a presentation titled “Raindrop Size Distribution from a Slant Profiling Radar: Assessment Analysis”. Jiapeng Yin made a presentation titled “Object-based Filter Design for Spectral Polarimetric Weather Radar”.

In addition, Christine Unal presented a poster named “Estimating Spectral Differential Phase and Spectral Specific Differential Phase to Retrieve Particle Population Separated Ice Water Content Profiles” and Jiapeng Yin presented one named “UAV-Based Absolute Radar Calibration”.

The program and short abstracts can be found online @

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