Oct 232014

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The last days have been quite windy and rainy. That is also the reason why we didn’t spend so much time on the site. We launched some days ago some weather balloon. Such a radiosonde takes about 30 minutes of preparations before it is launched. First the balloon has to be filled with the right amount of Helium. Then the parachute attached and finally the sonde itself has to be tied up to the parachute. One important point to take into account before the launch is the wind speed and the direction. This prevents the sonde from being caught by trees or one cable of the Cabauw tower.

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With such a radiosonde it is possible to get vertical information about temperature, pressure, humidity and wind as the balloon is ascending in the atmosphere. This information help us to define thermodynamic conditions under which some of the microphysical processes can take place and some don’t. Several launches after each other also contain information about the variability of the atmospheric state. So all in all this small device is a real useful tool for our campaign.

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