Oct 122014

Now the first week is over already. It was an interesting one and we learned a lot from it.

10-10_01 10-10_02 10-10_03 10-10_04

One thing is that hardware for wireless connection is not always waterproof. So we bought new ones and installed them and now everything works again. Network problems also costs us some missing of raw-data with TARA yesterday, but now everything seems to work again. The biggest issue we had so far is that both cloud radars stop working at the same. So right now we try to repair them with the support from METEK. One is already back and measuring. For the second on we hope to get it done soon.

10-10_05 10-10_07 10-10_06

We also performed our first measurements with CAELI on Friday. We took almost 3 hours of measurements with it. At the beginning some low cumulus clouds were present. This made it difficult to align the lidar properly but after a short stop and a short readjustment it worked fine. Also in the afternoon the low cloud disappeared and we could measure the cirrus clouds.

All in all the first week was quite busy and I hope that the next weeks will be busy as well. But it would be nice to have less errors to fix and take more measurements instead.

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