Oct 092014

On the 7th of October we had a very nice Kick-Off. I think we all got a good impression about the campaign and about the clouds we want to observe. We all got wet around noon when a convective cell overpassed the site. But it desappeared as fast as it appeared. So thanks to Tim for giving us the nice pictures (the big ones in the middle). He took both pictures within less then 2 hours difference. With those to pictures you already can get an impression about how variable the weather was on the 7th of October over Cabauw.

10-07_3 10-07_4


During this precipitation event one of the radars stopped working. This was fixed in the evening and it is now working continuously. But now one of our network connections is broken and we are working to fix that at the moment. The new equipment is bought and installed. And now waterproof!

10-07_5 10-07_6

We also measured some nice clouds that morning, so the first data are taken. We hope for more nice and cloudy days like that morning. Now the sun is shining and we hope for a nice sunset later

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