Oct 062014

During the weekend we took the first measurements. For this all radar systems were pointing to the zenith that the measurements can be compared. The results of the comparrison will be the first data to look into. It will be a nice test to see different sensitivities of the instruments.

10-06_01 10-06_04

Today we put back the antenna elevation of TARA to 45 degree elevation and also put back the webcam. The pictures show that moving the antennas of TARA isn’t a fast process and even need some muscle power to make it work. Luckily also the weather turned into more cloudy conditions. So let’s hope , at least from our point of view, that it will become rainy and cloudy autumn. This would be nice for some nice measurements… Let’s see what the Kick-Off tomorrow will bring.

10-06_05 10-06_0310-06_02

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