Sep 292014

One day before the conference, there were full day workshops to reinforce our knowledge related to Doppler spectra, rainfall estimation, and open radar data source.

The ERAD 2014 was held in the beautiful mountain city called Garmish-Pathenkirchen. The conference last for 5 days inviting multi-national researchers for productive discussions through oral and poster presentations. Besides scientific talks, the conference organized several events such dinner and excursions so that everyone can have a nice chance to get to see familiar faces and/or know new ones. In particular, for me it was nice to see again friends from the University of Oklahoma such Bob Palmer, Tian Yu, Sebastian Torres, and Brad Isom. Also, very close friends from the EPFL in Switzerland Jacopo, Tim, and Marc. We all shared interesting discussions about radar meteorology of course but also a good and friendly talks along with typical Bavarian food such bretzel and withe sausages and Schweinebraten as shown in the pictures below.

image_1 image_3

If you are interested in Mesoscale and Severe weather studies (poster) (abstract) or liquid layer detection within mixed phase clouds (poster) (abstract), you can find the poster that we presented at ERAD clicking on the links for the extended abstract as well

NEWS !!!

ERAD 2016 will be hold at Antalya in Turkey promising very good weather near the beach.

Tian Yu and Alexander Ryzhkov announced that the next AMS Radar Conference will take place in Oklahoma, USA, where we will be able to see very advanced laboratories facilities for weather radar applications.

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