Apr 092014

On March 27th started the WaterLab Delft project.


This project is a collaboration between different organizations:
Gemeente Delft and Gemeente Rotterdam,
HH van Delfland and HH van Schieland en de Krimpenerwaard,
Unie van Waterschappen,
Hogeschool Rotterdam,
UNESCO-Institute for Water Education,
TNO, Deltares and TU Delft.

It consists in a better understanding of the water cycle in urban areas. It involves specialists of the water cycle and of the atmosphere and also students/pupils. It implies education and improvement of knowledge.

Edouard Martins from our group is currently working with three TU Delft students (David Kester, Ingo Schilken, Tim Gebraad). Their current work is to deal with the calibration of sensors mounted on several weather stations for a better accuracy of meteorological parameters (temperature, pressure, humidity, rain, wind, radiation) and for a better assessment of the impact of urban features (buildings, trees) in the measurement of these quantities.

The next step is to deploy several calibrated weather stations in high schools located in Rotterdam and Delft to have a better representation of the variability of these meteorological parameters in the urban areas of South Holland.

You can find more information in the official webpage of the project (in dutch).

More updates and pictures will come soon.

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