Oct 142013

Our 3rd year PhD student Igor Stepanov gave a talk at the Interdisciplinary Conference of Young Earth System Scientists, in Hamburg, Germany, 22-25th of September 2013. He presented his PhD project: Impact of drizzle on cloud lifetime, within the innovative session, “Pecha Kucha” talk, in which 20 slides is shown, 20 seconds each. This method has gained popularity worldwide to communicate concise information to a broad audience. See http://www.pechakucha.org/ for more examples of this entertaining and clear way of presenting.

The focus of the conference was on Understanding and Intepreting Uncertainties. Innovative, experimental methods of giving presentationg were introduced, such as 3 minute poster pitch, twin talk, non-linear presentation, Pecha Kucha and Touchless Wireless. This made following the talks incredibly fun, but also the presenters seem to have enjoyed themselves while trying to be punctual when, for example slides change automatically every 20 seconds, as in Pecha Kucha talk,

3 keynote talks were given by Eli Tziperman (Harvard, US), Richard Tol (University of Sussex, UK) and Joyeeta Gupta (University of Amsterdam, NL). They were heavily focused on details on how IPCC repots are produced and the fascinating 30 year history of how this repots came to be, by prof. Gupta.

A follow up conference of the ICYESS has been scheduled in a year from now in Bremen, Germany. Again the key participants will be young researchers, master and PhD students and PostDocs with attempts to break and improve the standards in conferences structure once again.

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