Oct 102013

Two members of our group, Yann Dufournet, and Lukas Pfitzenmaier participated at the 7th HyMex workshop in Cassis, France, 6.10 – 10.10.2013. They presented first results based on data sets measured during the HyMeX field campaign in fall 2012.

The topic of Lukas poster is: Separation of liquid and ice phase within mixed-phase clouds using combined radar and lidar measurements during HyMex. It shows first ideas to seperate the two phases within mixed phase clouds, work related to Lukas PhD topic.

Yanns talk was about first results of a precipitation system processes obervation during the field campaign. He focused on the dynamical processes of an convective system measured on 29.10.2012, using spectral information that TARA produced.

It was a nice opportunity to come in contact with other scientists with interesting discussions and knowledge exchanges.

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