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14 MSc students from TU Delft and University of Reykjavik are together with our PhD students Lukas and Igor as instructors in Iceland, setting up atmospheric measurements, alongside geodetic measurements, during the next 2 weeks. They will use 8 identical Davis Vantage Pro2 weather stations to capture the spatial horizontal variability of meteorological parameters east of lake Myvatn. The area has many small hot lakes and very little change of the nature by humans, making it a challenge to reach strategically desired locations, that they will select. On Wednesday, our meteorological colleagues from Met Office Iceland will visit us for a radiosonde launch, with which the students will determine the cloud base height, and compare it with another 4 methods to do the same (ceilometer laser, stereo cloud cameras, tachymetry and the theoretical approach using the theoretical temperature lapse rate and ground measured dew point temperature) to see how they rank and which one is the most useful for specific purposes.

For the update of the measurements outside the atmospheric part, visit our sister blog here: https://grsiceland.weblog.tudelft.nl

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  1. It looks very nice! Enjoy your time there!