Nov 112010

In cooperation with the KNMI and other Dutch Organisations and Universities, TU Delft’s ATMOS group is participating at the Cabauw Experimental Site for Atmospheric Research – CESAR.

At Cabauw lots of measurement instruments are situated to continuously observe water in the atmosphere and on the ground, radiation, aerosols, and more. The data acquired is stored and freely accessible for scientific use via the CESAR database.

Near real-time displays of the measurements are also available online:

  • cloud video, cloud radar, ceilometer and more  » link,
  • meteorological tower data like wind, temperature and more » link,
  • CAELI lidar » link,
  • aerosol data » link,
  • IDRA radar »
  • TARA radar »
  • tropospheric emission monitoring internet service »

Here an impression of some real-time displays from CESAR:

 Cloud Camera
Cloud camera looking towards
the northern sky

Cloud Camera
Cloud camera looking towards
the western sky

 IDRA radar
10 GHz horizontally scanning radar IDRA

Cabauw Tower Observations
Tower Profiles 

 CT75 Ceilometer
Ceilometer, vertically pointing

 Vertical pointing 35GHz Cloudradar
35 GHz cloud radar, vertically pointing

 TARA reflectivity (dBZ)
3 GHz profiling radar TARA (reflectivity)
TARA Doppler velocity (ms-1)
3 GHz profiling radar TARA (Doppler velocity)
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  1. A colleague recommended me to your website. Thnx for the details.