Aug 042009

The following image shows the real-time measurement of the IRCTR Drizzle Radar – IDRA.

IDRA is located on top of a 213m high tower at the meteorological observatory in Cabauw, The Netherlands. The IDRA measurements cover a range of usually 15km around the tower.

Shown is the so-called reflectivity Z (dBZ). This reflectivity can be in a next step converted into meteorological parameters of interest such as the rain rate, generally, the larger the reflectivity, the larger is also the rain rate.

More information on the system can be found on the website of our groupĀ

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Reflectivity at horizontal polarisation.



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  One Response to “IDRA Real-Time Measurement”

  1. that’s a really nice achievement! hope we can do the same for TARA one day!